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Recalling Health to Body Mind and Spirit


"Recalling your health is easier when you use raw and living foods, quality dietary and nutritional supplements for the body, self empowerment tools for the mind, and meditation and prayer for the spirit."

   Loretta Crosby, Editor

Welcome to the Body Mind and Spirit Recalling Health Center for Holistic Healing and Well-Being


There can be no question that good health is the greatest of all gifts.

But what is health? At we define it as having an overall sense of well-being. That includes the health of the body, the mind and the spirit all rolled up into one.

Our approach is a holistic one because it is difficult for the mind to be at peace if the body is riddled with pain and free spins on card registration uk. And we all now know that the thoughts we think with our mind when in a stressed state can lead to physical ailments and chronic dis-eases.

Here you will be guided to a few tools to assist you in recalling health to your body, mind and spirit.


Body  l Mind  l Spirit  l  Natural Skin Care  l Weight Loss  l Disability

·    For the body, information on why dietary and nutritional supplementation is sometimes needed to restore the body's equilibrium back to a normal state of health, combined with recommendations for high quality, all natural supplements that provide a base foundation for general health and overall wellness. If you have already gone raw or vegetarian, I have begun building our Natural Health Center highlighting resources to help you maintain this lifestyle. Articles on nutrition, disease prevention, colon health, coral calcium, women's health and others are all housed in our Body section. Let us help you find an exercise program to fit your needs and lifestyle, and direct you to other health resources for the body's maintenance and longevity. To get started, I created the Body Health Guide for beginners which provides a general framework for maintaining a healthy body.

·    For the mind, I’ll introduce you to authors who show you a new way of perceiving the world, who promote the idea that thoughts are things and show you how to change your thoughts to get more of what you desire in life. The methods used by people to obtain peace of mind and rest and relaxation vary widely, and while I will include some conventional techniques for stimulating the mind through the use of art, poetry, music, self empowerment tools, daily inspirational quotesand the like, my primary focus will be to help you gain a better understanding of the unique requirements of the mind as it struggles to fulfill its essential role in serving as the mental faculty of the soul. The mind--as an attribute of the soul--demands much more than purely physical comforts to be soothed or to reach a state of total peace and real relaxation. To this end, you’ll learn how to systematically cultivate an attitude of love, faith, gratitude and unity, all virtues which are essential to the development of a properly functioning mind and soul. The Recalling Health Guide is an information source you might want to refer to to get you started on this path.

·    For the spirit, you will find various tools, including meditation and prayer, that can be used to assist in spiritual growth. Just as the laws of nutrition and proper food combining are used to efficiently nourish the body, so too do laws exist governing the proper maintenance, nourishment and daily upkeep of the spirit. In this section, the concept of "spirit" and life after death will be examined through quotations and writings from the Holy Scriptures. Prayers for your family, loved ones and enemies will be offered. There will also be prayers for protection and urgent needs.

So, in a nutshell, what you will find at Recalling Health is a wealth of free information and tools to use to help you lead a more vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life. I know many of you are skeptical and do not really believe happiness in all areas of your life is possible, but truly it is. But, it will require daily diligence and discipline and work. 

Welcome to Recalling Health to Body Mind and Spirit!

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