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Loretta Crosby, Health Editor

Loretta Crosby


General Manager, Pupil of the Eye Publishers


Dear Partners in Health:

As your editor/creator of and a long-time sufferer of a chronic ailment, I have always been in pursuit of nutritional products that assist in health maintenance and those that help us overcome chronic illnesses. My belief that many diseases in the body are caused by an imbalance in the body’s component substances has led me to the conclusion that we should be able to eradicate and cure most disease processes that take hold in the body through the use of selected foods and dietary supplementation.

Recognizing that health care costs are astronomical and will soon be beyond the reach of even middle-income persons, it is time to consider an alternative to the current medical health model. We are all guinea pigs to medical science and medical doctors as they try out new drugs on us, many with unacceptable side effects. The chemicals (i.e. medicines) created by the scientific laboratories--as well intentioned as they are--are still interpreted by our bodies as foreign and unnatural substances and are treated as such. They can have the effect of poisoning the body further and creating new diseases and ailments on top of the ones they sought to treat. These so-called "side effects" are the body’s natural way of saying to us that "This is not the substance that will cure you…please, please, please try something else. This is upsetting me."

It never ceases to amaze me that people with chronic health problems continue to do what they have done for so many years and then hope that a pill from the doctor will provide the cure, or worst still, surgery. There is not even the basic recognition that how we nourish our cells might have an impact on how well they function. How is it possible that we have gotten so far from nature that we do not even look at the role of nutrition in the outcome of our health? Could it be the same process that makes thinking adults believe that a glass of cow’s milk each day is actually healthy and needed by the human body?

My goal in creating was not to promote controversy surrounding the issue of health and how more people might achieve it, but simply to increase awareness of the possibility that nutrition, in general, plays a part bigger than we might otherwise imagine in the creation of disease-free bodies, and that dietary supplementation, in particular, should be our first medicine of choice in our race for a cure to what ails us.

The vision is that this site can and should serve as a catalyst to help people realize their part in maintaining healthy bodies. In line with this, we are proud to take part in stimulating the current science of medicine into acceptance of a viable partnership with the science of nutritional/dietary supplementation. As both sciences are in a state of infancy, both can benefit from the wisdom and trials learned by the other. Our readers who experience the benefits of nutritional supplementation also contribute to this process by consulting with their primary care physicians both before and after they take any new products. Subsequently, by reporting the results to their doctors, these physicians, in turn, become educated about such benefits.

Since our inception in September, 2003, we have expanded the site to include ways to recall health to not only the body, but to the Mind and spirit as well.

We welcome your comments and input and hope you will take the time to drop us a line.  Please email us with your comments, thoughts or articles of interest so that we may become associate partners in health.

Your Sincere Partner in Health,




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